Procrastination leads to pain as I wait

For the idea to come into focus

Crickets chirping with ideas

Stories fight for a place to stay

Words bounce off the walls of my mind

Day turns to night and night into day


I must say something, anything


I sit down

Beginning with prayer

And a sentence

Then another

The words being written, edited and driven towards an end

Chaos turns to order

Like an idea or a thought, a conversation with a purpose

Somewhere between the first line and the last

God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Son join me on the journey

It’s comforting, satisfying, relational, and complete

And yet, I wrestle with it all

Never thinking

I’m enough.

Write the Night at Upper House During the Pandemic, January, 2021



Laura Gallagher

Laura Gallagher is the author of “#180in120 - How to Recharge Your Business in 120 Days” and president of The Creative Company in Madison, Wis.